Tuesday, July 17, 2012

stupid things

Realized this morning that if I DO get this job I applied for and I DO move out that I DON'T get to have the holidays in this house. Not even one set of holidays. 



  1. Yeah, I've got things that I will miss if I DO end up standing my ground and actually separating myself from Jermaine, too. Sucks, but, I guess the stuff we do get to enjoy/don't have to put up with will be better than what we miss.

  2. I know, but for some reason out of everything this really gets me. Like, motherfucker, why does he get THIS house for Halloween? For Thanksgiving? For Christmas? It's such a beautiful holiday house and in my whole life I've never lived anywhere that I really wanted to host dinners and events and I DO in this house. And it's doubly tragic to think that he won't do those things when this house is such a beautiful and peaceful space to welcome others.

  3. Also, I'm totally jumping the gun anyway. This is all assuming that I get a job that I can afford to move out into this same area and NOT move Lexie.

  4. I get it, Briar, I do. Maybe set the intention that you can create another space in which you can invite your friends and loved ones. A space that is yours, where you can be happy ALL of the time and not just when you are hosting.

    And I also get jumping the gun. I do that, too.