Monday, June 6, 2011


So I feel stuck at the moment. It's not just Roi though. Kyd is back home, supposedly temporarily but all his plans for a job and apartment seem to be shaky or falling through. He's tense, and I'm tense. I can't afford to support him right now, but I want to support him while he transitions. It's paralyzing me and I know I need to set some boundaries, but I don't know yet what they should be. 

And Lexie is suddenly continually arguing with her boyfriend and I don't know how to help or if I should help. Lexie is so much like me and I know that her anxiety and temper are hard to control. 

I'm waiting painfully for a neurofeedback therapist to get back to me and I can barely stand it. I have to put on the oxygen mask for myself, but my kids need me and this treatment can't come fast enough. It will help soothe my brain a little so I can get perspective. It will help me to stop ruminating so much. It's like meditation on steroids. I called the therapist today and left another message. She is the only one who's affordable, and I already have a relationship with her.  

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