Monday, June 13, 2011

The Palm Reader

For years I've driven by The Palm Reader's house. After all, it's on the way to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's and Target and every other business located in this town. I've always wanted to stop in and get the special $5 reading, just for a lark.

I find Tarot readings, palm readings, and generally all things psychic both fascinating and annoying. Fascinating might actually be too strong a word. It would be more accurate to say my curiosity gets peaked once in a while. Especially when I happen upon scientific studies supporting the possibility. 

My mother did say I had always wished for a crystal ball that to see what the right thing to do was. Mothers have that irksome habit of always being right. 

I got in the car today, no destination in mind except "away", and soon found myself in the driveway of The Palm Reader. I parked next to the two sleek white cars I assumed belonged to the owners. I was met on the porch by a blinking black cat and a woman who eyed me suspiciously. Behind me the traffic continued to rush by and it was all so comical and strange. From inside I heard a child laughing at a television program, and the woman at the door impatiently waved her hand toward the sign listing the services offered and their prices. $35 for a tarot reading, and it went up progressively from there. I told her I was interested in the advertised $5 palm reading.

She told me to have a seat on the porch and she would get her daughter. By now I was confident this whole set up was a scam, but I had nothing better to do than to satisfy my curiosity about what it would all look like. Some part of me was hoping I might for once meet the real deal, but not today. 

The daughter came out. She was unremarkable except for her wide green eyes. My impression was that of a bored high-schooler working an after school job at a box store, though if I had to guess I would peg her at around 30 years old. She sat me down behind a screen and asked to see my palm. She pointed out the lines without touching me and then proceeded to tell me about my life. It sounded like she was reciting from a script. She peppered the "revealing" with "and forgive me, I don't mean to offend", and "does this seem true to you?" and "why I was given this gift". 

She did startle me at one point by saying that she sensed I had two negative people in my immediate life right now, and they were blocking off a lot of routes for me, forcing me in one direction that wasn't my true path. She elaborated on what this was doing to me, how it was being done, and so on, and considering that Kyd is temporarily back home, it was kind of dead on. I had to wonder, if this was a script, was it that common that someone would have two negative people in their inner circle causing that much distress? 

There was nothing she said that was off, and I admit it, as she rattled off what sounded like a script, I was amazed at how accurately it applied to me. Again and again I wondered about the statistics behind this. Sure, some of it is easily explained by the horoscope phenomenon where the information is so vague and universal. But some was more specific. It was a fascinating experiment. 

She advised me that it was important for me to stay energetically closed off to the two negative forces in my life to prevent further damage. Then she offered to work on my situation by meditating and praying over candles lit for me in "her church" for six days and six nights. All she asked was a contribution for the nine candles. $10 each or $90. I politely declined and said good-bye. She called me sweetie, and I was on my way.


  1. At this point in my recovery I am leaving my mind open to everything, including astrology...JMHO

  2. If it was a script, it was a well written one, yeah?

    I have a friend who is into tarot cards and reiki and auras and all that jazz. She told me she sees Jermaine as a big blob of black energy that sucks on me and that is why I am depressed and drained all the time. I need to, she tells me, close myself off to him energetically. I don't really know where to start. I've actually spent a lot of time working to get to the point where I knew what he was up to before he told me, and now, I guess, that was a bad thing to have done because we are connected too deeply...he has constant access to me. If you ask her. Even behind bars. 32 miles away.

    Closing oneself off to others energetically. It's something I don't really know how to do effectively, it seems.

  3. A therapist friend gave me a couple of exercises to reduce and eliminate the inner energy suck when I felt the imbalance occur. One of two things would happen with the first exercise:

    1. Imagine you have a powerful laser light that flows from your belly button to the other person.
    2. Imagine that on the other side of this light going out is a stronger light coming in.
    3.Now imagine there is a dial for both sides, the light that is going out to said person is turned down, dimmed down, turn that dial dimmer down.
    4. Now imagine you turn UP the light that flows into your body.
    5. Continue as needed

    Whenever my feelings are whacked out and I have too much attention going his way I will do this exercise and notice one of two things happen. If I've was sobbing and not clear if I was picking up on his stuff or just feeling my own or a combination I will have different reactions. If it is "his" emotional world when I dim the light to him and pull up the light to me the emotions I am experience fade immediately and I feel balanced. If it is because I'm experiencing the deepest grief and confusion I will cry at the warmth of love that floods my being. Very different responses.

    The other exercise I use in conjunction is the command exercise. People do occupy space inside our consciousness that is destructive and messy.
    In this exercise you forcefully bring your hand up in front of your body in a STOP gesture while saying, "So&so, I command your energy to return to you through the divine healing light." See it in your mind's eye return to the sender, feel the lightness and powerfulness in your body. I'll do that five six times in a row with a lot of passion and presence. I do this alone.

    I know they sound a little, or a lot, woowoo, nut they're harmless and I've found protective and at the very least they tune you into your body center at any time. I found them to be powerful.

    @ Briar, however the information comes through it all speaks the language of the present. I sorry you, too, are experiencing this deep pain and complete upset. I am deeply moved by your writing, your honesty, your willingness to work on yourself regardless. You are a brave authentic soul with a kind and generous heart and I wish you well on this broken path to the clearing of your life. I see you working the landscape of your inner life and others are appreciating the beauty.

  4. Moving Along - given my extensive background with Buddhist meditation practice this doesn't sound woo-woo to me. I'll give it a try. It certainly isn't going to make anything worse. ;)

    Thank you for your kind comments.