Monday, May 9, 2011

Killer Cows

Last night I had two nightmares.

In the first I was on a farm, and naturally there were a lot of cows. By day they were the sweet, slow-moving, dull-witted creatures we know. At night their eyes glowed red and they were determined to take my life. They were swift, cunning, and murderous. 

It sounds comical, I'll admit, but the meaning is obvious. 

In the second dream I was standing at a bus stop in the city with Roi. I thought he was right behind me, so when someone was pressed up against the back of me inhaling the scent of my hair, I thought it was him. I moved to pull away and as I felt a strong hand slip over my mouth, and a strange voice in my ear, I knew it wasn't Roi. He pulled me out of the line and was attempting a sexual assault right there on the street. I could see Roi who had fallen behind in the line because he was distracted by his trance-like staring at another woman in a short skirt. He clearly had an erection. He was also clearly oblivious to my attack happening just feet away. 

Not so comical, but the meaning is again clear.


  1. The second dream was scary, but the two dreams almost had the same undertone of 'what you think it is, it isn't' and to a life threatening point.

  2. Exactly. It is my unconscious keeping me aware that what I am shown is not what is. It is not life threatening in the "classic" sense, but it is soul threatening, and that might as well be life-threatening. To lose the life of the soul...