Thursday, May 12, 2011


No, not of the 12 kind variety. 

I searched online today for apartments and jobs. The prospects are mostly grim. I live in an area high on cost of living, and low on average salary. This is mainly due to the region being home to several college and universities so the professor salaries push the real estate costs up, and the abundance of students means that most jobs are in the service industry and low-paying. I did submit my resume to one promising looking position. 

So, yeah. By leaving I will be increasing my expenses three-fold and likely cutting my salary in equal measure. My original plan was to stay until Lexie had transferred to a 4-year college at which time I would be able to relocate out of the area. But as I face the truth I simply cannot stand being here. Every cell in my body is ready to take flight.

Meanwhile, the "transition" for Roi will leave barely a hair out of place. He keeps his home, his business, his income, and all stability. He inflicts pain and feels none.

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